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Form3 are revolutionising the way payments work from channel to payment scheme. We have developed an enterprise-grade, managed, payment technology platform that integrates across multiple payment schemes, and connects into your payment systems with ease.

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Whitepaper: The future of fintech disruption in Europe

The payments industry, once dominated by traditional financial sector players such as banks, payment institutions and card schemes, has transformed into an innovative, technology driven landscape that has opened its doors to new entrants that are looking to mark their place in the new payments ecosystem. In this report we look to dive into the key areas that new players must consider when looking at the European payments market.

XBank Talks with Form3 - Part 4: Future Trends in Payments

In this series of videos, by Publicis Sapient, Sean O'Donnell is joined by Mike Walters, Chief Product Officer at Form3 to discuss the future of banking and discover how banks are upgrading their platforms and creating new capabilities to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In part 4 Mike discusses common challenges faced by incumbents and challengers alike, and what the future of the payments landscape looks like.

Whitepaper: How cloud powers the future of payments

Today, the world’s most disruptive banks are in the cloud. For newcomer banks, cloud has been the only option for some time – and the same is increasingly true for established banks as well. Why? Because cloud is not only disruptive in its own right, but also provides the foundation for harnessing other emerging technologies. Discover more in our latest whitepaper produced in partnership with EY.

Cloud-based Payment Technology

Form3 provide an enterprise-grade payment technology platform on the cloud, built using microservices. The platform was designed, from inception to be highly scalable, adaptable and resilient. We adopt a ‘build to run’ development approach with monitoring alerting and reporting all built into the platform.

Why customers choose our platform

Applied innovation


Keep up with changing environments, channels, schemes, and regulations. Form3 insulate customers from the changing payments landscape and alleviate the burden of inflexible and unscalable technologies that restrict growth and opportunity.

Growth built in


Dynamically scale as payment volumes peak. Form3 was designed, from inception, to provide our customers the tools to enable their growth. Clients can build on top of our technology, comfortable, knowing it is future proof, risk resilient and will scale along with their growth.

Setting the standards


Remove the burden of maintaining back-office payments infrastructure, compliance and security. Form3 shields customers from regulatory changes. Form3 understand not just our clients technological needs, but their business needs and the frustrations and impact of managing payments.

Strength in collaboration


Gain control of complete payment processing, clearing and settlement without the costs and frustration of management.

Agency Bank Partnerships

Our combined offering facilitates agency payment services through clearing and settlement systems including UK Bacs, Faster Payments, SEPA and SWIFT payments. Click here to check out our latest Faster Payments Scheme guide.

Technological Innovation

Form3 removes the need and complexity of managing critical, evolving payment infrastructure, scheme rule changes and regulation updates. It's all embedded into our platform.

Ebury, a global financial services company have utilised Form3 to attain access to the Faster Payments Scheme and the SEPA Instant Scheme.

"Achieving close connectivity to payment systems is about both understanding local regulation and delivering quality technology - Form3 are unique in that they provide expertise in both."
Juan Lobato, CEO and co-founder of Ebury


Nationalities represented (and growing)

We take pride in being a multicultural company


Different languages

From Greek to Urdu, we have seen this number grow fast in the last couple of years welcoming colleagues from around the world


Different locations

Since Form3 was established in August 2016 we have embraced a Remote Working culture, this means more flexibility and better work-life balance

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