A global transaction platform for SMEs

Reducing cost, risk and complexity.

Laura Francis - Head of Brand and Marketing Communications @Form3 December 11, 2019 - 7 minutes


SMEs are poorly served by banks today, certainly in payment services, foreign exchange and hedging. Recognising this problem and how to solve it was the basis for Form3 and Ebury’s successful bid for the Banking and Competition Remedies (BCR) grant, receiving £5m. Form3 and Ebury are two highly innovative, fast growing and cloud-native FinTech companies, designed to scale rapidly and provide substantial benefits to small businesses globally by offering SME focused financial institutions (banks and fintechs) access to their transaction platform.

The platform provides SMEs easy access to global payment services to help them optimise supply chains and better serve their clients. SMEs need this support to grow and provide a vital contribution to the UK economy.

Form3’s market leading API technology and payments expertise combined with Ebury’s global SME transaction service will ensure customers can access International Payments (pay in and pay out) FX and Trade Finance and settle in up to 140 currencies globally. In addition, customers can provide preferential payment and collection capability using the same API.

A win win

Financial Institution providers in the SME space will be able to provide services that traditionally only global institutions could offer to their corporate customers.

SMEs will receive a far better service at lower cost, fully integrated with their Business Account provider.

It is essential that Financial Institutions improve their service offering to SMEs so customers aren’t forced to find alternatives.

"Form3 together with Ebury are committed to providing easy to use services that reduce cost, risk and complexity for SMEs. This will enable business owners to improve distribution and supply chain flexibility and allow them to focus on servicing their customers and growing their business."

Mike Walters, Chief Product Officer @ Form3

"We are super excited to open up this channel to Financial Institutions (FIs) that wish to offer a truly global transaction banking experience for their SME customers."

Toby Young, Chief Technology Officer @ Ebury

Laura Francis

Head of Brand and Marketing Communications @Form3

Laura is a B2B marketing transformation professional with a broad career spanning InsurTech, HealthTech and FinTech sectors.

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