How we work

Engineering career progression

We look for the best candidates from around the world to come and join us as senior engineers. We regularly promote engineers into technical leadership roles who have a demonstrated track record in delivery, communication, team work and technical ability. Form3 is a great place to come learn, excel and grow your career!

What leadership means to us

At Form3, we operate in small, agile and self managed teams.

Each team has a dedicated Team Lead, which supports and leads the team. Our team leads deliver technical solutions alongside their team, but also take on the following responsibilities:


Mentor their team and contribute to their career development and growth.


Provide engineers with technical guidance, actively looking for and removing blockers for the team.


Prioritise the work their team takes on, making sure that their team is delivering the most impactful work.


Contribute bug fixes and small features.


Coordinate with other stakeholders (product, operations etc.) to ensure project alignment with Product roadmap.


Effectively communicate clear expectations and feedback to their team.

As Form3 moves from startup to scaleup there are many opportunities take on our Team Lead role. Our teams naturally grow, then split up and specialise.

Written by

Adelina Simion Technology Evangelist

Adelina is a polyglot engineer and developer relations professional, with a decade of technical experience at multiple startups in London. She started her career as a Java backend engineer, converted later to Go, and then transitioned to a full-time developer relations role. She has published multiple online courses about Go on the LinkedIn Learning platform, helping thousands of developers up-skill with Go. She has a passion for public speaking, having presented on cloud architectures at major European conferences. Adelina holds an MSc. Mathematical Modelling and Computing degree.