Senior engineer - role & responsibilities

Form3 senior engineers work on exciting and challenging engineering problems to build and support our high volume payments platform! Our engineers are our greatest asset. We value their expertise and experience and give them ownership, trust and autonomy to make decisions about our architecture and solutions.

Technical skill

  • Understands deeply one area of the platform and helps other engineers within the organisation to solve difficult problems.
  • Provides technical advice and is an active participant in technical decisions that affect the long-term future of the platform and engineering practices at Form3 in general.
  • Evaluates and proposes new technologies that impact and improve Form3’s platform performance and reliability.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of our general architecture, infrastructure and build systems.


  • Independently delivers large features that meet the functional and non-functional requirements of the team
  • Proactively identifies and fixes issues in the services that their team is responsible for. Ensures that any gaps in observability are rectified so that the same issues do not arise again.
  • Efficiently breaks down and prioritises work into defined pieces that facilitate code review and delivery.


  • Owns key deliverables that contribute towards their teams’ objectives and OKRs.
  • Collaborates with product and operation to identify and drive requirements for all stakeholders.
  • Understands deeply how our customers integrate and use our APIs and leverages this knowledge throughout their work.

Communication and leadership

  • Actively participates in technical designs that affect the entire platform and facilitates agreement on decisions.
  • Shares their technical knowledge internally using documentation, internal talks and workshops.
  • Mentors other engineers within and outside their team.
  • Seeks to improve their team working practices.

Our approach to oncall

Once they pass their six month anniversary, our senior engineers take on the extra responsibility of joining the oncall rota. We know this is a crucial aspect of engineering life and it is essential that everyone on the engineering team has good oncall experiences! This page gives you some detailed insight into our approach to oncall at Form3.