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At Form3, we want everyone to feel like they belong, and have a say in shaping our business.

Eimear O'Connor · Chief Operating Officer

Our 'tech' values

Technology is at our core, and we strive to always deliver the best we can – Excellence.



We are authentic, open, and honest. We share information collaboratively.

Everyone Matters


We are one team all working together to make great things happen.

Care Deeply


We care deeply about the work that we do, the customers we serve, the people we work with, and we treat each other fairly.

High Standards


We work to high standards. We're on a journey of continuous improvement. We try and we fail, we try again.


90% Employee FlexScore™


92% Company FlexScore™

Disability Confident Committed Employer

Level 1



Living Wage Foundation

Accredited Living Wage Employer

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Successfully onboarded remotely


Gender Diversity

Male to Female



Where our employees work from


Learning Days used

Paid time off to upskill!


Health & Wellbeing allowance

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Blogs · 4 min

.tech Podcast - Internal Developer Platform

Kaspar Von Grünberg is a the CEO and founder of Humanitec. He joins us to discuss what an Internal Developer Platform is and what to focus on when you're building your own. Finally, he provides an overview of Humanitec's platform, which provides open-source tools you can use when you're building your own IDP.

March 15, 2023

Blogs · 3 min

Introduction Ethical Hacking

No system is free of security vulnerabilities, which can be exploited to gain access to restricted resources. Ethical hackers are our allies, using the same techniques as malicious actors to help us find and fix the security vulnerabilities of our systems. In this short introductory article, we explore: the different types of hackers, the goals of ethical hacking and the main activities of ethical hackers.

March 2, 2023

Blogs · 5 min

Migrating project v2 boards in GitHub

Once upon a time, there were project boards in GitHub. They helped you plan, they looked like Trello, and they were much loved. They were classic. Then, one day, they were deprecated! Along came project v2 boards. They were like Trello, but also like a spreadsheet, and much more between, and they became the new project planning tool in GitHub. This post is about migrating project boards in GitHub. It's not, as you might expect, about migrating from classic project boards to v2 projects. GitHub offer a migration tool for that in their UI, and it's easy to do. Instead, this post is about migrating from one v2 board to another.

February 22, 2023