Bacs payments

What we offer for Bacs

Bacs is one of the most used payment schemes in the UK. Form3 enables you to send and receive Bacs Payments, Direct Debits and Direct Debit Instructions (Mandates) and provides automated report download of your Bacs Reports.

  • Send individual transaction up to £20M (limit defined by the Bacs scheme).
  • Bacs enables you to send transactions to virtually all sort codes that are used for consumer and business payments in the UK.
  • Form3 ensures high-quality support and backwards compatibility, making you independent of the scheme messaging and insulating you from technical changes in the scheme.
  • Hands-on testing and simplified IT development using our sandbox and simulator environment. This environment will continue to be available post live for any future regression/change testing.

Please note that you must hold a banking or payments licence, such as Credit Institution, Automated Payment Institution (API) or E-money licence, valid in the UK, to use Bacs.

Bacs Direct Settling Participant


As a Bacs Direct Settling Participant, you gain direct access to the Bacs central infrastructure and undertake daily settlement with the Bank of England.

The Form3 JSON-based API gives you full access to all Bacs fields and options. The API can be used to create Bacs Payments, Direct Debits or Direct Debit Instructions (Mandates). Inward Bacs transactions and scheme reports are received via a webhook or Amazon SQS link.

Form3 gives you full control over the entire chain of Bacs services, includes ARUCS, ARUDD, AUDDIS, as well as all Bacs “A-services”. Create all Bacs transaction and message types using a simple, standardised API and leave it to Form3 to generate the appropriate Bacs ARUCS, ARUDD and AUDDIS responses.

Form3’s account validation makes sure only transactions for valid accounts reach you and automatically rejects/returns payments to non-existent accounts using the Bacs ARUCS, ARUDD and AUDDIS services.

Form3 is a fully managed payment system and able to take full ownership and management of Bacs incidents. Using our standardised solution simplifies the scheme assurance and audit process for you and can significantly shorten your time to go live.

Bacs Direct Non-Settling Participant


Using our Bacs Direct Non-Settling Participant service, you gain direct access to the Bacs central infrastructure with sponsorship via a Bacs Settling Participant Bank.

Your sponsor will undertake daily settlement with the Bank of England. You gain access to the entire range of functionality of the Direct Settling Participant service, but your sponsor is responsible for the provision of settlement services and availability of liquidity for your transactions.

This is the perfect solution if you are looking for the experience of Direct Settling Participant such as immediate real-time transaction and message flow without having your own Bank of England account.