Confirmation of Payee

Our offer for Confirmation of Payee

Form3 provides a Confirmation of Payee Responder and Lookup Managed Service that acts on your behalf as an account holding organisation. Form3 Confirmation of Payee operates as a managed service with full 24x7 operation and no planned outages.

Our sandbox and transaction simulator provides a hands-on test environment to simplify your IT development. This environment will continue to be available post live for any future regression/change testing.

You must hold a banking or payments licence, such as Credit Institution, Automated Payment Institution (API) or E-money licence, valid in the UK, and you must be registered scheme participants of Confirmation of Payee and Open Banking.

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    High Availability – Designed for zero downtime, no planned maintenance, continuous deployment of code and infrastructure.

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    Resilient by Design – Active-Active-Active data centre configurations in 3 AWS availability zones in Ireland with failover to 2 more in the UK.

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    24x7 Support and Incident Management – including access to a live external status page showing the health of services.

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    Highly Secure – all data in transit and at rest encrypted throughout the microservices architecture, credentialed and permissioned access to the API estate.

Using Form3 ensures high-quality operation and compatibility, insulating you from technical changes in the scheme.


Responder Service

The service matches all inward Confirmation of Payee requests to the account name or names for that bank account and provide the appropriate Confirmation of Payee response. A propriety proximity algorithm such as Form3 implements and complies with all Confirmation of Payee name matching rules.

Lookup Service

The service enables the real time routing of Confirmation of Payee requests to relevant participant and providing notification of the response.

A supporting audit trail enables a permanent record of each query and the corresponding response.

Form3 also offers an Account Management API

  • Add or delete account number, sort code and account name, enabling you to maintain a list of live accounts in real time.
  • Request a new account number to be generated using Form3’s pseudo-random account number generator.

The account list maintained by this simple API is used for processing Confirmation of Payee validations from other participants. The only integration that you will need to utilise the Form3 Confirmation of Payee responder service will be an integration or our existing Account Management API.

Management Information

A monthly report (available via the Form3 Reports API) provides you with the number of lookup requests by originating organisation, split by response type.

Query Management

An API query that enables you to list all lookup requests and responses for a specified account number, accessible at any time for query management or MI.

Event Subscription

The Subscription API enables you to be aware of any Confirmation of Payee request made to your accounts in real time.