Protect against fraud with Confirmation of Payee

Protect your customers against Authorised Push Payment scams and reduce the number of payments which are made by mistake.


How does Confirmation of Payee work?

An account name checking service that enables you to check you are paying the right person or business. Form3 provides a Confirmation of Payee Responder and Lookup Managed Service that acts on your behalf as an account holding organisation.

Responder Service

The Responder Service responds to any inbound CoP lookup requests on behalf of customers. When a request is received, the corresponding account is located in our Account API.

Lookup Service

Lookup Service allows a payer to confirm a payee's name when adding a new beneficiary or before sending an initial payment.
Form3 will query the Open Banking Directory for the correct CoP endpoint of the beneficiary bank to confirm the payee information.

Account Management API

Request a new account number to be generated using Form3’s pseudo-random account number generator.
The account list maintained by this simple API is used for processing Confirmation of Payee validations from other participants.

Management Information

A monthly report (available via the Form3 Reports API) provides you with the number of lookup requests by originating organisation, split by response type.

Query Management

An API query that enables you to list all lookup requests and responses for a specified account number, accessible at any time for query management or MI.

Event Subscription

The Subscription API enables you to be aware of any Confirmation of Payee request made to your accounts in real time.

our product

The Confirmation of Payee service

The Confirmation of Payee service works for UK payments involving Faster Payments (SIPs, FDPs, SOPs), Bacs payments (Direct Credits), CHAPS payments and Internal transfers.
The Lookup Service and Responder Service are available as either a Self-Service option or as a Form3 Managed Service option.
Form3 Confirmation of Payee scheme

our benefits

Benefits of Form3 Confirmation of Payee

Using Form3 ensures high-quality operation and compatibility, insulating you from technical changes in the scheme.

High availability

Designed for zero downtime, no planned maintenance, continuous deployment of code and infrastructure.

24x7 Support and Incident Management

Including access to a live external status page showing the health of services.

Resilient by Design

Active-Active-Active data centre configurations in 3 AWS availability zones in Ireland with failover to 2 more in the UK.

Highly secure

All data in transit and at rest encrypted throughout the microservices architecture, credentialed and permissioned access to the API estate.

Own test environment

Hands on test environment using Form3’s Sandbox and Transaction Simulator simplifies IT development. This environment will continue to be available post live for any future regression/change testing.

Continuous development

Benefit from ongoing functional enhancements
Mike Walters

Mike Walters

Confirmation of Payee is the first of several improvements within payments processing that will benefit from the ongoing collaboration between Pay.UK, Fintechs and Banks. Form3 is committed to supporting the development of a New Payments Architecture for the UK, which encourages an open, accessible, level playing field for the global payments ecosystem.

Mike Walters

Chief Product Officer at Form3

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