Fast-track to SEPA payments in Europe

The speed of adoption to instant payments is accelerating exponentially, as is reachability. Unlock the possibilities and geographic reach with SEPA.

our technology

One single integration point for all European payment services

Connect to the complete suite of SEPA payment schemes using a single unified API
  • A fully managed end-to-end payments service
  • The full SEPA suite in Europe (Instant, Credit transfer and Direct debit)
  • Remove the burden of changing payments scheme rules and regulation
  • Integrate once and access all SEPA schemes

We are really supportive of the Form3 mission to open access to payment systems. This is much needed around the world and helps companies like N26 scale faster globally and build products their customers love to use.

Alexander Weber

Head of International Markets at N26

our products

Deliver the full SEPA suite to your customers

With Form3, all three SEPA Services are available through the same API.
Our platform supports re-routing principals so that if end-points are not reachable, the payment automate re-routes to another channel (eg SEPA Instant to SCT).
As a cloud-native technology platform, integration is fast and simple and needed only once. Just plug in additional schemes as required.

SEPA Instant

Gain access to the real-time payments scheme in Europe

SEPA Credit Transfer

Efficient processing of single and mass payments in Europe through STEP2.

SEPA Direct Debit

A cheap and easy way to collect recurring Euro payments.

our benefits

Benefits of our European payment service

Speed to market

The most efficient way to gain access to European payments processing with our fast implementation and onboarding service.

Highly scalable

Simply switch from one access model to another as your business grows without the need for multiple integrations.

Scheme compliant

We don't just give you the technology; we deliver a service that enables your business to grow and succeed.

SEPA’s full suite

Gain access to the full suite of SEPA services to provide the widest possible reach in Europe.

Scheme agnostic

Our multi-tenanted platform delivers a single instance of the software, which is the same for all customers and so we are agnostic to payment type and bank API.

Always secure

We operate 24/7/365 in an always-on environment. Our technology is backed by the highest levels of security and extensive automated monitoring, tracking and self-healing tools to combat any stresses of the platform before an issue arises.

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