A better way for SEPA Credit Transfers

Access the SEPA Credit Transfer payments scheme and process payments in the 36 SEPA countries through our next generation payments platform.


The SEPA Credit Transfer payments scheme

Transfer funds between Euro accounts in the SEPA region through our payments platform. Together with SDD and SEPA Instant you can now offer the full-suite to your customers.

European access

Process payments in the European countries that are part of the SEPA region

Save time and money

A unified way of handling money and a single market for payment services

Full suite SEPA

Easily add SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit as you grow further

Sepa models

Explore our SCT access models

The Form3 SEPA services build upon the proven UK scheme access models giving the ability to send and receive payments in the SEPA area, with a full range of connectivity options from sponsored access to full membership.

Direct Settling Participant

Who is it for?

The SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) service for Direct Settling Participants are available to credit institutions eligible to hold a RTGS account in Target2.

How does it work?

Direct Settling Participants of the Form3 service are provided with direct technical access to the SCT and SDD systems to exchange messages as a Participant and manage their own liquidity with the system.

Indirect Settling Participant

Who is it for?

The SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) service for Indirect Participants is accessible to credit institutions, payment institutions, or other financial institutions. The partner-participant will retain control of the flow of transactions, will own the Target2 account, and must be a Credit Institution.

How does it work?

Form3's API provides a single interface to multiple potential partner participants, providing long term flexibility and alignment with customer’s business model.
sepa sct model direct
cloud based payment processing illustration

Fully Compliant

The Form3 SEPA services are fully compliant with the EPC SCT Rulebook and EBA Clearing specifications supporting both the SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit and exception handling via return, recall, and reversal resources.

Our services

Payment Scheme Access

View all our UK and European technical scheme access services

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