SWIFT International Payment Network

Gain global reach with a messaging platform that allows financial institutions globally to communicate with each other in a secure and standardised way.

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Form3’s SWIFT proposition

SWIFT provides a truly global reach connecting 11,000 banking and securities organisations across more than 200 countries and territories.
Form3 is building a SWIFT International Payment service on its cloud-native payments platform that will enable financial institutions to benefit from a variety of features.

Support both Customer and FI to FI payments

Ensure speed, transparency and traceability of your SWIFT payments, supporting:
  • FIN (individual messages)
  • FileAct (file based messages)
  • SWIFT GPI Customer Credit Transfers.

Manage Account Information

Achieve transparency with simple visibility of the accounts which you hold with other financial institutions in a standardised way.

Gain member access to RTGS systems

Form3 will support CHAPs (GBP Clearing) Target 2 (EUR Clearing) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems.

Handle central bank accounts with ease

Gain secure access to Central Bank user interfaces, including Bank of England Enquiry Link (BoE EL), and Target 2 Information and Control Module (T2 ICM).

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Benefits of SWIFT payments

SWIFT uses internationally standardised messages, enabling financial institutions to communicate between each other in a transparent and secure way.


Send and receive payments instantly up to a value of #250K


Because SWIFT details the route of the transaction between banks and the amount of money involved, it provides clear and recognised proof of payment.


Due to the consistency of how messages are structured, payment information is easy to understand regardless of country or language barriers.

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