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Servicing your customers quickly and efficiently and at lower cost is one of the biggest challenges facing Financial Institutions in the digital economy.

Banks and regulated Fintechs wishing to access UK payment schemes want immediate, straight through payment processing, clearing and settlement without the need to maintain expensive and aging back office infrastructure.


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Payments-as-a-Service Model (PaaS)

Form3 enables regulated financial institutions to integrate to the full universe of UK payment schemes through a single API, delivering real-time, end-to-end processing, clearing and settlement to their customers through its a cloud-based, Payments-as-a-Service model.

As a fully managed service, Form3 removes the pain of maintaining complex and costly back office payments infrastructure so you can focus on servicing your customers.

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Why choose a cloud-native payments platform?

Low risk

99.95% uptime, fewer interruptions and highly secure.


Automatically increases capacity as you grow.

Future proof

Changes to Scheme Rules and Standards are built-in.

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A single API integration point for all UK Payment schemes

Multiple access model options to suit your business

Seamlessly switch models as you scale up

Compliance assured with automated scheme and regulatory updates

Highest available security and resilience built in

Minimise operational risk and reliance on legacy technology

Deploy new propositions to market quickly without downtime or disruption

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Discover all UK Payment Schemes

Faster Payments

Provide your customers with access to real-time payments of up to £250,000 using the Faster Payments Service.


The most common payment scheme for bank-to-bank payment transfers in the UK.

Confirmation of Payee

Protect your customers against authorised push payment scams and reduce errors.

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Hear from our Customers

LHV are delighted to strengthen their partnership with Form3 by extending Banking Services to respective mutual customers. As a result, NBFI and FinTech clients are able to secure both real time GBP and EUR payments with accompanying account and safeguarding services. The LHV and F3 partnership will continue to revolutionise the world of payments and democratise access to Financial Institutions globally.

Andres Kitter

Head of LHV UK

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Understanding your UK Technical Scheme Access

There are several ways for you to connect to UK Faster Payments, Bacs either directly or indirectly.

Direct UK Participant

Direct participants need to be either an authorised Payment Services Provider (PSP) hold a Reserve Account at the Bank of England, or able to use a Reserve Account held by a Group Company at the Bank of England

Direct Non-Settling UK Participant

Direct Non-settling participants have direct access to UK payment schemes but use a sponsor bank to provide settlement at the Bank of England on your behalf.

Indirect UK Participant

Indirect participants can access Faster Payments and Bacs via secure web access through a sponsor, member bank.

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