Demystifying the New Payments Architecture (NPA): Your Definitive Guide

New Payments Architecture: Big change is coming

Bringing the UK’s payments architecture into the modern world is an undeniable necessity. Fortunately, the project to modernise and future-proof the UK’s payments infrastructure is well underway. The New Payments Architecture, known simply as NPA, is intended to provide the country with a resilient, robust, and scalable payments platform. 

However, with testing planned to begin in 2024, banks need to act now in order to be ready for what will undoubtedly be a wide reaching change across all areas of their financial systems.

Supporting your NPA journey

Our Form3 guide ‘Meeting the challenges of the UK’s New Payment Architecture’ is a comprehensive guide providing key insights into the various NPA options and considerations banks must consider. As well as an NPA playbook to ensure your preparations are a success.

We look at what you need to do to ensure you're ahead of the changes.

New Payments Architecture: Preparing for the next stage of UK payments

The NPA provides a catalyst for change and there is no better time to rethink your instant payments strategy than now.