What we do

We design, build and run the technology that powers the future of payments

We're a growing, remote-first engineering team. We are responsible for every aspect of building, running and securing our market leading, cloud native payment processing platform. In this space, you can learn more about us, our work, as well as catch up with our latest events.

We use leading cloud-native technologies to build our platform

Here are a few of the tools and methodologies we utilise:

Open source initiative 💙

Our engineers are passionate about contributing to the open-source community. While our platform is proprietary, we make it a priority to share as much of our work as we can. We LOVE automating our processes and sharing our solutions! 🤖

As Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) End User Supporters, we place a high value to all the open source technologies in our tech stack and are keen to give back to the community through quality open source contributions.

Our popular repositories

Get involved

We welcome all contributors, regardless of experience level. If you want help to get started, don’t hesitate to contribute directly on GitHub or in touch below and we’ll be happy to help get you 🙌