On-Us Payments

Rethinking inter-company bank transactions

On-Us processing is rich, highly efficient functionality that enables transactions within the same Bank (intra-company) or within a Banking Group (inter-company) to be made without pushing payments to the scheme.

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Enhancing the essential

With our "On-Us" processing capability, Form3 is revolutionising the way transactions are handled. This functionality allows our customers to process inbound and outbound transactions that are intra-company or inter-company as "On-Us". The advantage is clear: drastically reduced scheme processing costs and expedited processing times if these payments currently go to scheme. If customers already have this functionality in-house then Form3’s solution provides scheme resemblance which improves e2e processes and supports customers simplifying their technology estates.

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Why choose On-Us transactions?


Reduced scheme charges

No scheme charge for processing each On-Us transaction


Reduced regulatory charges

Reduced regulatory charges which may be based on scheme volumes


Reduce peak flows

Reduces peak flows into/out of central infrastructure - you can operate a lower TPS and On-Us transactions do not need to be throttled


Avoid scheme outages

Planned or unplanned scheme outages won’t impact On-Us payments and these transactions can still be processed

How it works

Step 01
Reference data diagram
Provide reference data

The customer provides qualifying and exception market specific reference data which is then used to identify On-Us transactions.

Step 02
Payment identification and routing diagram
Payment identification and routing

If the payment submission is identified as On-Us then its routed via the Form3 On-Us gateway which has scheme resemblance and transforms the payment into an admission which is then sent back to the customer via the Form3 API without ever needing to go to scheme.

Why Form3

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Revolutionising the way transactions are handled

Find out how On-Us payments can support your modernisation plans.