Discover Bacs payments

Bacs is one of the most common payment schemes for bank-to-bank transfers in the UK. Gain access through our payments platform with a single API.

Our connectivity models

Who is it for?

For large regulated financial institutions looking for long term, high volume access to payment schemes in the UK. Gain direct access to the Bacs scheme with settlement via a Bank of England account.

How does it work?

As a Bacs Direct Settling Participant, you gain direct access to the Bacs central infrastructure and undertake daily settlement using your own Bank of England account.

  • The Form3 JSON-based API gives you full access to all Bacs fields and options.
  • Create Bacs Payments, Direct Debits or Direct Debit Instructions (Mandates).
  • Get inward Bacs transactions and scheme reports via a webhook or Amazon SQS link.
  • Form3 generates the appropriate Bacs ARUCS, ARUDD and AUDDIS responses.
Directly connected non-settling
Who is it for?

For fast-growing financial institutions and regulated Fintechs wanting quick access to UK payment schemes. Gain access via a sponsored bank who provide the liquidity and settlement.

How does it work?

As a Bacs sponsored participant, you gain access to the Bacs central infrastructure via your sponsor who will undertake clearing and settlement on your behalf. You'll receive all the benefits of being a direct participant but without the hassle of handling the liquidity. Sponsored participants have full real-time visibility of all transactions.

Bacs Payment processing from Form3

Bacs is mainly used for account to account Direct Debits and Direct Credits from organisations. Form3 enables you to send and receive Bacs Payments, Direct Debits and Direct Debit Instructions (Mandates) and provides automated report download of your Bacs Reports. 

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