My journey as a BA Apprentice

Experiences· 7min November 24, 2023

My decision to become a Business Analyst Apprentice at Form3 has been exhilarating, challenging, and undoubtedly one of the best choices I've ever made.

Luke Rigney, BA Apprentice, Form3

Luke Rigney, BA Apprentice, Form3

To recount my journey, let's go back to February 2022 when I embarked on a quest to transition into the dynamic world of Business Analysis full time. I started applying for junior roles; however, I wasn’t quite sure if this is the approach I wanted to take without some form of specific structure for development.

Luckily, I stumbled upon Form3 a few weeks later, whom were advertising for a Business Analyst Apprenticeship - it was perfectly timed and suited to my situation. Soon enough, a week or two went by and I was on my first day. I found myself on Zoom successfully as a BA Apprentice, talking with my new manager, who turned out to be not only a great leader but also an exceptional mentor.

During my initial weeks, I was impressed by the level of technical expertise I was about to acquire. Breaking the stigma around higher level apprenticeships, I soon realized that my perception of what an apprenticeship entailed had completely shifted. At Form3, I've had the privilege of expanding my knowledge in Business Analysis techniques and practices, taking on the same responsibilities as other experienced Business Analysts. Additionally, I've been fortunate to collaborate with highly skilled professionals who have been instrumental in helping me further enhance my techniques beyond formal training.

My typical week consists of spending four days as a Business Analyst and dedicating one day off the job. On these off days, I undergo two hours of direct training on business analysis, followed by practical implementation and research to solidify my newly acquired skills. This structure is perfect for my learning style, as I’ve always classed myself preferring to being a practical learner.

Within my first month, my understanding of my roles and responsibilities as a Business Analyst grew immensely. I soon realised explaining my new job to friends can be a challenge due to the vague title and complex business domain. I usually simplify it by saying that I help facilitate change in the business through communication, stakeholder management, and process improvement.

Additionally, I find myself massively shortening the complex landscape of the payments industry and Form3's position within it to “we help facilitate your bank transfers” and that usually does the trick – anyone with some payments domain knowledge will know how much of a shortened down version that truly is!

My time at Form3 has been invaluable in expanding my knowledge across a wide range of technical business analysis practices. Looking ahead, I am eager to continue my journey as a Business Analyst, particularly within the product domain. Form3 has ignited a profound passion for this tech-oriented career path, and I will always be grateful for the opportunities and progression they've provided me.

In conclusion, my apprenticeship at Form3 has been a journey of continuous growth and learning, propelling my knowledge of technical business analysis forward every day, without feeling overwhelmed.

If you are contemplating a specific role, I encourage you not to overlook the possibilities of an apprenticeship, as it can be a transformative experience. I am excited for what the future holds and forever indebted to Form3 for empowering me to achieve my goals.

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Luke Rigney BA Apprentice