Planning our learning for the year ahead

ESG· 3min February 14, 2023

Pause and reflect

The past year has been an incredibly busy one for us at Form3, so it makes it all the more impressive that we still found time to prioritise our personal development. This level of continuous improvement brilliantly demonstrates our high standards value. 

We wanted to acknowledge the efforts of our team who utilised their learning benefits in 2022, as well as encourage everyone to pause and reflect before diving into the new year. 

This is why we picked learning as our theme for January. Keep reading to find out what this involved! 

Looking back to plan ahead

One of the principles of our Form3 learning benefits is the freedom our colleagues have to learn whatever they feel will benefit their technical and professional development. We designed our benefits to be fully flexible, allowing our team to shape their career in the direction they want it to grow. However, this presents another problem which is having too much choice!  

The Learning Summary is our solution. This document detailed how everyone in the company used their learning benefits. Its aim is to provide ideas & inspiration about how our L&D Allowance and Learning Days can be used. 

We truly embraced transparency by showing colleagues: what books everyone read, what courses and certifications they completed, what platforms they subscribed to, what groups they’re members of and what conferences they attended.  

It also let us celebrate all the fantastic ways we chose to better ourselves in 2022, and provided the perfect opportunity to plan our development journey for the upcoming year. 

International Day of Education

As part of our Fun3 Social Calendar we celebrated International Day of Education. The goal of this day is to highlight and help young people without access to education.  

Our Fun3 Social Calendar event this month was International Day of Education – January 24th as proclaimed by UNESCO. The goal of this day is to highlight and help young people without access to education.  

We truly believe everyone matters and wanted to do our bit to help. So, for the last week of January, our learning at Form3 would result in a donation to our social partner, ReDI School
For every hour of learning completed by our team between 23rd-27th January, tracked via Udemy, and for every book read via Perlego – donations would be made. 

To coincide with this week, we also launched some brand new Form3 training on Inclusion & Leadership. It was evident that we all care deeply; everyone really got behind this event, adjusted their schedules and made sure they completed more learning than usual. In the end, we are incredibly proud to donate 524€ to ReDI School

Hopefully this has spurred you on to map out your personal development goals, or at least encourage you to regularly plan time for learning each week.  

We’re fortunate to have access to such fabulous educational resources, so it’s important that we make the most of them! 

Written by

Kevin Crawford Senior Learning & Development Partner

Kevin is a Senior Learning & Development Partner at Form3 and based in Edinburgh!