GopherCon UK 2021:
How Go powered our use of Elasticsearch to increase the performance of our APIs

We had an interesting scaling problem with a Postgres bottleneck. We determined that Elasticsearch would help us to remove this bottleneck. However, in order to do this we needed a solution to listen to the events from our messaging queues and to create and update the relevant documents in Elasticsearch in order to make this work. Enter Go!

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This talk shares some key points in our journey to introduce a solution in Go featuring the Go elasticsearch client:

  • How we structured the solution to maximise maintainability and ease of rapid development;
  • The strengths of Go that were really compelling to our use case; and
  • Some of the challenges we overcame along the way, and lessons learned.

In terms of key take-aways:

  • Our solution was successful, and Go helped us to produce an efficient implementation with minimal additional complexity
  • The unidirectional architecture allowed us to evolve the solution as we iterated
  • There were some great questions from the community around some of these points - there’s a good Q&A in the video

Written by

Stuart Murray
Stuart Murray Senior Engineer

Stuart is a Senior Engineer at Form3 in the Core Payments Team. Prior to Form3 Stuart was a consultant and developer working across a range of projects in the healthcare, insurtech and stored value payments sectors. Stuart enjoys working deeply with Go but also works with Java, Rust and Python and previously used C#. Stuart is a member of (and sometimes speaker at) several meetups including GoSheffield.

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