30 April - 3 May, San Francisco

BAFT Global Annual Meeting

Prepare for an invigorating experience at the 2023 BAFT Global Annual Meeting in San Francisco, taking place from April 30 to May 3. Form3 is thrilled to attend this prestigious event, following its successful return to in-person conferences in Washington DC last year. Our team of experts is eager to discuss the disruptive forces shaping the future of payments, and how Form3 is shaping the future of payments. We can’t wait to see you there!

Speaking session

Transaction Banking in 2050


Dave Scola, Chief Exec US, Form3​
Valeria Sica, Global Trade Product Development Head, Citi​
Suresh Subramanian, Managing Director, Head Trade & Treasury Solutions Americas, BNP Paribas
Chris Hill, Head of Business Development for North America​, Swift

Date: Wednesday 3rd May

Time: 09:50 AM – 10:30 AM

Transform Your Payments Landscape: The Future of Payment Processing

Meet the team

Form3 in the U.S.

The Future of Payment Processing

Form3 is revolutionizing the way financial institutions process payments, enabling banks of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation and scale rapidly across markets. Our cloud-native payment gateway connects seamlessly with your payment systems through one set of APIs, simplifying the integration and ongoing management of your payment rails.


Discover the latest insights from the world of payments.


Real-time payments implementation: Lessons from across the pond

As the US moves toward broad adoption of real-time payments (RTP) with the deployment of FedNow, it can learn a lot from the UK’s implementation of real-time payments. Our latest webinar in partnership with Payments Journal sheds light on what banks should consider when it comes to real-time payments, the vast differences on what the space looks like in the US compared with other regions, and what the payments industry can expect in 2023.


How real time currency rates are only an API away for US banks

With the ongoing shift to real time payments, we have seen drastic and rapid change across the domestic payment landscape. Instantaneous transfers, while not historically new, have evolved significantly over time. As of 2022, up to 72% of the world has a live or upcoming real-time payments infrastructure.


International payments made simple

Introducing Form3's "International Payments as a Service" - a comprehensive, streamlined solution designed to revolutionize international payment processing for financial institutions.

Don't let outdated payment infrastructure hold your organization back