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Form3 Insights Series

We’re excited to be hosting an online series designed to enable partners to understand and position Form3 successfully. Join our team of experts as we share insights and showcase how our solutions can help you innovate quickly and unlock new opportunities in the ever-changing world of payments. Learn more about our products, the problems we’re solving, and why Form3.

Upcoming webinars

27 October 14:00pm

Episode 1: Form3 International Services

Form3 International Services provide global reach and rich execution capabilities via a single set of APIs. Watch the replay to discover from our team of experts about our SWIFT & Cross Currency product proposition.

Date: Thursday, October 27

Time: 14:00pm (GMT)

10 November 14:00pm

Episode 2: SEPA Services

The Form3 SEPA services are supported through a range of access models giving the ability to send and receive payments in the SEPA area, with a full range of connectivity options from indirect to full direct participation. Join us in our upcoming webinar and discover from Jolanda Schekermans, Head of Product - Europe about Form3's SEPA Services.

Date: Thursday, November 10

Time: 14:00pm (GMT)

23 November 13.30Pm

Episode 3: UK Payments Services

Experience real-time, end-to-end payments in the UK. Join us in our upcoming webinar and discover from Stuart Poffley, Head of GBP Specialist Sales and Nick Fleetwood, Head of Data Services, about Form3's UK Payments Service.

Date: Wednesday, November 23

Time: 13:30pm (GMT)

14 December 14.00Pm

Episode 4: Multi-cloud

Smooth the way towards quick, efficient and cost-friendly servicing of your customers with our next generation multi-cloud payments platform. Join us in our upcoming webinar and discover from Jock Donalson, Head of Product - Platform about Form3's Multi-cloud Services.

Date: Wednesday, December 14

Time: 14:00pm (GMT)

12 January 14.30pm

Episode 5: US Payments Services

Streamlining your banking operations in the US and globally has never been easier. Join us in our upcoming webinar and discover from Shawn Meyer, Sales Specialist - US, about Form3's Payments Services.

Date: Thursday, January 12

Time: 14:30Pm (GMT)

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