Transform Your Payments Landscape

The Future of Payment Processing

Form3 is revolutionizing payment processing and gateways, enabling financial institutions of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation and scale rapidly across markets. Our cloud-native payment platform connects seamlessly with your payment systems through one set of APIs, simplifying the integration and ongoing management of your payment rails.

Learn what you can achieve:

Reduce costs


Reduce costs and complexity to access multiple payment rails such as RTP, FedNow, Fedwire and ACH with a single API integration.

Elevate the customer experience


Elevate the customer experience and eliminate the need for in-house infrastructure with our resilient, scalable, cloud-native platform.

Improve operational efficiency


Improve operational efficiency for faster, easier, real-time payment processing and stay future-proof from mandatory regulation changes such as ISO20022.

A proven track record


Processing 40% of UK real-time payments: Our platform has demonstrated its capabilities in one of the most demanding markets.


30+ banks and fintechs across an expanding market in the UK, US and Europe: Trusted by a growing number of financial institutions seeking reliable, scalable payment solutions.

A range of unique features

Single API

Connect any Core/Hub to multiple clearings with our easy-to-implement API. Access sandbox, simulator, and documentation before implementation.

Multi-cloud platform

Experience the benefits of a cloud- agnostic, multi-tenanted solution running active-active-active across AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Fully managed operations services

Enjoy 24/7/365 dedicated support, access to live performance status pages, monitoring, and real-time alerts.

Value added services:



Enables features, such as Account Validation and Sanctions Screening, to meet Instant Payment response SLAs.


Intelligent Routing:

Enables scheme and On-us routing allowing both sending and receiving, and the concept of fire & forget where payment requests are executed based on pre-agreed configuration.

Don't let outdated payment infrastructure hold your organization back

Embrace the future of payment processing with Form3 and join the ranks of successful banks leveraging our innovative platform. Get in touch with our team of experts today.