‘What’s Top Of Mind?’ Penny Hughes’ column

Shaping and developing Form3’s success through difficult times

Today, we operate in difficult times – especially when it comes to building and growing tech businesses. Therefore, the question of how decisions get made and what is the best system of governance to tackle these challenges comes sharply into the spotlight.

At Form3 we feel we have a way of working that gives our CEO, Michael Mueller, some of the shaping guardrails he needs, but with all the freedom to make decisions and lead the business. It’s not an easy balance to find, but our Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) is a helpful forum for checking and shaping those decisions.

Michael’s column covers our recent SAB meeting, where an in-depth discussion about the future of cloud native payments in the public cloud took place. My key takeaway is how good it is to work with investors who are customers - but also market participants. There are multiple angles to the questions of pace of growth, rate of cash burn and breadth of innovation and market reach.

We will remain watchful and agile, yet we are encouraged to continue to run hard. We are well placed in the war for talent - and that’s not a position to give up an inch. We can see multiple ground-breaking ways to support payment transactions that will be of increasingly relevant value to significant local and international financial institutions.

To have these insights continuously confirmed is a key part our confidence in the decisions being taken at Form3. Difficult times just got a little easier to handle – thanks to the SAB’s and Michael’s strong leadership.

Written by

Penny Hughes CBE Board Member

Penny is a very experienced business leader. After a 10-year executive career with Coca-Cola, Penny has enjoyed a busy Non-Executive portfolio, working on more than 20 Boards covering consumer brands, mobile and media tech, banking, leisure and property. Brands include: The Body Shop, The Gap & Morrison’s Supermarkets, Aston Martin Lagonda; Vodafone, Trinity Mirror & Reuters, Skandinaviska Enkilda Banken & Royal Bank of Scotland; The Gym Group; iQ Student Accommodation & Riverstone retirement living.

Alongside her business career, Penny enjoys family life and various not-for-profit responsibilities that have included Trustee, British Museum and President, Advertising Association.