‘What’s Top Of Mind?’ Penny Hughes’ column

Why our people are driving Form3’s success

Dear Customer,

You will have just read Michael Mueller’s introduction about the recent Strategic Advisory Board conversation we had with respect to the changing landscape for payments in the UK, Europe and the US.

It was a very engaged discussion, and again, showed the benefit to Form3 of having properly strategic conversations with strategic investors who participate so significantly in payments. It also continued to reinforce how well positioned Form3 is to support its banking customers through this journey. 

With this topic in mind, I wanted to reflect on something different yet still customer-related: our people – and how they drive Form3’s success forward.

For all the tech that underpins Form3’s innovation and growth, it’s our people who make the difference. The team is now over 500 colleagues, all working remotely, as has been the case since Form3 began.

It is very pleasing to see how our capabilities and culture are developing. Employee engagement is in a world-class category, and gender diversity increased again to 27%, with great role models in our CFO Bonnie Mitchell, COO Eimear O’Connor, Head of People Leanne Schofield, and Head of Global New Business Amanda Howkins.

Colleagues are now connected in 30 locations and participate in many common learning, communication and social events. It’s fascinating to see the ease with which leaders achieve great loyalty and engagement within this remote environment.

In addition, it is pleasing to see the introduction of apprentices and interns over the last year. Such a culture has readily embraced growth with little physical or geographical boundary to inhibit the company. From my experience of the team, risk and security receives as much attention as innovation, all embedded in meeting customers’ needs. 

The support of our strategic investors and customers is earned everyday by our colleagues. It is a rather special team, and one that I am proud to be involved with.

Written by

Penny Hughes CBE Board Member

Penny is a very experienced business leader. After a 10-year executive career with Coca-Cola, Penny has enjoyed a busy Non-Executive portfolio, working on more than 20 Boards covering consumer brands, mobile and media tech, banking, leisure and property. Brands include: The Body Shop, The Gap & Morrison’s Supermarkets, Aston Martin Lagonda; Vodafone, Trinity Mirror & Reuters, Skandinaviska Enkilda Banken & Royal Bank of Scotland; The Gym Group; iQ Student Accommodation & Riverstone retirement living.

Alongside her business career, Penny enjoys family life and various not-for-profit responsibilities that have included Trustee, British Museum and President, Advertising Association.