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Blog· min December 13, 2019

My time as an intern at Form3 has been centred around the principal of connection...

My time as an intern at Form3 has been centred around the principal of connection. Building connections is a fundamental characteristic of Form3 both in the internal working and the external functioning of the company.

Form3 offers customers the chance to connect to major payments schemes and reach new areas and new customers. It bridges the complications of dealing with confusing standards and message structures and makes payments simple and easy. What was striking to me was how this concept of connection is carried through to the internal workings of the firm. Something that is especially important given that a majority of the team works at least part of their time remotely.

How We Connect

From the moment I arrived at Form3 I was welcomed straight into a Monday morning meeting, where the entire firm gathers once a week. People congregate either in person in the office or virtually via video link to reconnect and share updates from the week. This is vital for making sure everyone is on the same page and it quickly becomes clear that the firm functions as a singular team. A team that works together towards goals, sharing in successes and setbacks alike. This culture is not contained to the Monday meeting, there is a consistent feeling that when working at Form3 you are part of something bigger.

I have worked closely with the product team creating UML maps of our API and mapping various messages. I’ve worked on software projects within R&D as well as spending time with sales. Regardless of where in the company I was working, reaching out and asking for advice was always encouraged. Growing and learning are inherent parts of the culture here, and I found that a lot of time can be saved when no one feels they have to pretend to know everything.

This honest communication and respect is core to keeping the whole team connected and focused.

My time at Form3 has given me the chance to learn a huge amount, not only about payments (though I can now quote the ISO 20022 standard verbatim!) but also what working in a truly connected firm can mean.

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