Demystifying Payment Modernization: Separating Fact from Fiction

Webinar· 45min January 30, 2024

While modern technologies like ISO20022, cloud solutions, instant payments, and APIs are often hailed as keystones for advancing banking systems, they are not without their share of concerns and misconceptions. Our webinar, "Demystifying Payment Modernization: Separating Fact from Fiction," aims to shed light on these common technologies, looking at the practical applications as well as dispelling some of the misconceptions and unveiling the true impact they have on the financial sector.

The payments space brings with it challenges for payments processing with the introduction of new payment rails, as well as new regulations and standards (such as ISO20022). The need to both prioritize efficiency while at the same time continue at speed on a modernization journey sees banks needing to understand and develop an approach to how they incorporate the benefits these new technologies bring with them.

Approaching change through these different lenses can make modernization more manageable, more achievable and less risky. By understanding and using these technologies to configure new payment offerings, financial institutions can dive into the modernization path without the arduous processes, risk and expense of a complete system overhaul.

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Bob Blacketer, Chief Commercial Officer – Americas


Bryan Schneider, Group Product Head for Fintech Strategy & Partnerships


Preeti Chaturvedi, US Head of Domestic and Emerging Payments


Jennifer Moore Lucas, Head of Payments for FSO Americas