Female Leadership Spotlight - Bonnie Mitchell

Blog· 4min March 9, 2021

As part of celebrating International Womens day at Form3, we have brought together a series highlighting the wonderful women that lead the business. The first instalment is Bonnie Mitchell, Form3's Chief Financial Officer.

What does your role at Form3 involve?

My role as CFO involves the financial planning, risk management and reporting of the business, as well as performance management. In real terms this means oversite of the cash, governance and compliance of the business, and performance management of our objectives. In finance we need to be looking to the future to help keep the company on course to its strategic objectives.

Why did you choose a career in Technology?

The trend mainly; we are living in the digital age.  Also, my proximity to Cambridge; also known as the silicon fen.  I love working for growth companies, as there’s nothing like contributing to growing and shaping a new venture and disrupting the norm.

If you could go back in time and do something differently in your career, what would it be?

There probably isn’t a lot I’d do differently, but thinking about it, I probably wouldn’t have rushed back to work so quickly after having my second child. I rushed back to work when Eric was 6 months old because I wanted to be seen to be motivated, driven and progressing. Actually, if you’re driven and good at what you do, you’ll find a great job regardless of when you come back to work. 

What advice would you give young women today who are embarking on their career?

Seek guidance and advice from as many people as possible, never assume you can’t do something. Sometimes taking the first steps is the hardest part.

Who have been key influencers in your career?

My best friend’s father who was an Accountant. I had a Maths degree and he used to ask “Are you an Accountant yet?”. I wasn’t the type of person upon leaving university to have already had a job lined up or with a list of internships. I just went home to my Mum, found a job at the local council, which was good and was going well. But every time I’d visit my friend, her father would ask “Are you an Accountant yet?” so he really kicked it all off for me.

I also had very interesting assignments at my accountancy firm where I started my training – they were all inspiring business people and that sparked my interest in the world of business.  Then, through my network, I was able to meet a lot of interesting entrepreneurs and found my passion for start-ups, and the ability to disrupt the status quo, and grow something from nothing.
Finally, we have my sister Bianca, who is a lawyer at Google. I have her to thank for inspiring me from a young age!Finally, we have my sister Bianca, who is a lawyer at Google. I have her to thank for inspiring me from a young age!

How have you grown and what have you learned during the last 2 years at Form3?

Michael has been an amazing role model for me, and probably for everybody in the business. I’ve continued to grow in my role and take on the different challenges Form3 faces as it scales. That has only been possible through the collaboration with the Leadership team and the wider business.  

I’m more comfortable in a room engaging with senior people such as Chief Officers of Tier 1 banks and large VC funds. The most recent growth for me has been moving out of a setting up of a team and processes, and into a more strategic leadership role needed in the business. I’ve been doing this with support of the amazing resources at hand through Form3 such as Penny, Paul, Vinoth & Tom and the support of many others I haven’t mentioned.

Have you started any lockdown hobbies?

I’ve spent a lot of time with my family, embracing long walks and art projects!  

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Leanne Schofield Head of People at Form3

Leanne Schofield is a HR professional with 10 years of experience across Finance & Technology industries. At Form3, she heads up the People function responsible for managing all aspects of HR.