Whitepaper: Is change really such a scary word? Digital disruption and opportunities in financial services

Whitepaper· 3min August 25, 2022

Traditionally, all aspects of change for financial institutions have been a concern. These large behemoths, with extensive decision- making processes and multiple moving divisions, sub-divisions and parts, make for very complex and un-agile organisations.

Why should change be embraced and not feared?

Payment technology is the bedrock of a Financial Institution, often in place for decades and deeply rooted into the fibre of an organisation. To change this would mean disappearing down a rabbit hole of fixes, overlays and applications housed in a monolith so big it would put Australia’s Uluru to shame. However, in this report we want to address why, in the modern technological era, change should be something to embrace and not hide from. Why industry changes as significant as the New Payments Architecture, FedNow or the move to ISO20022 can essentially become insignificant. We explore how the combination of years of experience, expert understanding of technology and a vibrant culture can turn a logistical nightmare into a dream.