Webinar: Are you Ready for the Next Stage in Europe’s Payment Evolution?

Webinar· 3min July 12, 2022

Incumbent organisations looking to move with the market face additional hurdles that may be only true to a lesser extend for newer players. How do you run truly real time on an engine aimed at batch processing? How do you move to cloud native as a whole organisation without disruption and losing your whole budget on it. The idea was after all to focus on the customer relationship. How do you change at speed so that you retain your relationships with new providers knocking at the door? How do bank see themselves playing in the ever changing digital ecosystem?

Key takeaways include:

  • How is the market changing in 2022, where has the opportunity for collaboration truly been embraced?
  • Are non-credit institution PSP at equal footing with banks will the EU retail payments strategy get them there and how would that change the game?
  • What are the market trends we’re seeing in Europe and will these help overcome previous hurdles?

Watch the webinar here

Webinar Speakers

Thomas Bo Christensen

Director, Core Payment Platform | DANSKE BANK

Curt Chadha

Head of Payments & Daily Banking | RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL AG

Jolanda Schekermans

Head of Product, Europe | FORM3

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