‘What’s Top Of Mind?’ Penny Hughes’ column

Blog· 6min April 1, 2022

Penny Hughes CBE

Payments Remain The Constant Activity In Our Changing Times

As I write this column, one thing is very clear: we live in the most uncertain of times, yet payments remain an essential part of our lives.

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought about much reflection in geopolitics. For those in financial services, there is a heightened duty of care to carefully manage financial transactions through these troubled times.

This only increases the focus that Tier 1 banks and other global financial services players are putting on their technology stack to efficiently, safely and with precision, manage the cash flowing through payments. 

Looking closer to home, Form3 has gone from start-up to scale-up in just over five years. It is now achieving scale operations with leading UK banks as strategic investors to the company.

This increased scale brings significant responsibility. It also reflects the increased maturity that our business model demonstrates, with a focus on managing risk, operating securely and increasingly providing the failover resilience of multi-cloud operations. 

With successful core operations in the UK, expansion across Europeans into US are natural next steps.

This is a seismic shift in payments technology, developed and delivered by a virtual network of some of the world’s most accomplished IT engineers. It’s exciting to see such significant steps being taken to contribute to the safety of global payments. 

Stay safe until the next newsletter.


Penny Hughes CBE


Form3 Strategic Advisory Board