Whitepaper: New Payments Architecture: Navigating future access models

Whitepaper· 4min July 13, 2022

The UK’s New Payments Architecture (NPA) is intended to provide a new way of managing the clearing and settlement of interbank payments. As such, banks and fintechs are looking to understand the impact of the NPA and the types of access and settlement models that it will support.

Access to settlement models within the NPA

The New Payments Architecture change will deliver the next generation of payments for the UK, but key to its’ success is the ability for all to access it.

This was the focus of a recent webinar on the topic of ‘Evaluating access to settlement models within the New Payments Architecture’. Experts from UK Finance, Pay.UK, Fire.com, the Bank of England and Form3 shared their views on what future access models could look like for new and emerging players. They also discussed the services and functionalities customers are looking for, the importance of overcoming barriers to entry, and the role that industry engagement should play when defining the way forward. 

Enjoy this written summary of the session.

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