payment platform

Modern APIs
on a cloud native platform

Form3's cloud native payment technology enables financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and scale quickly across markets.

End-to-end payment processing
in Real-time

Form3 has a complete Payments-as-a-Service offering for your mission critical payments operations. You can focus your resources on delivering value to customers, and not on maintaining legacy payments infrastructure. Form3 follows a dev-ops approach with focus on information security, delivering a continuously updated and secure platform that has high availability.

Shield from change

As part of Form3's fully managed Payments-as-a-Service offering, you will be shielded from scheme rules changes and regulatory standards updates as Form3 handles these on your behalf.

Optimise operational efficiency

Remove the burden of maintaining complex payments infrastructure and benefit from Form3's regular platform enhancements.


Form3 always ensures that the platform scales to meet current and future customer demand.

Our benefits

Transparent pricing

Gain exact insights to the costs attached to processing and stop getting unwelcome surprises

Move money instantly

Get access to the instant payment schemes you need to conduct business

Fully managed

We don't just give you the technology; we deliver a service that enables your business to grow and succeed

Stay up to date

We do the technical integration, automated scheme, and regulatory updates so you don't have to. It's all built into the platform


Our platform designed to be highly available with industry leading resilience


Our platform is multi-tenanted which means you benefit from economies of scale.
Our customers collectively benefit from all new features released onto the platform

A universe of payment schemes at your disposal

Whether you are looking to conduct business in Europe or globally, our platform provides you with access into the payment schemes you need. Our API is Easy to integrate with, from as as little as 8 weeks implementation, depending on the payment scheme of choice

Fully accredited and secure

Quickly access multiple payment schemes, with an easy-to-use JSON RESTful API. Try out our highly secure API with request signing that is used to ensure confidentiality, data integrity, message authentication and non repudiation (proof of content and origin). Data on our platform is encrypted in transit and at rest using strong cryptography according to NIST standards. Storage and processing of this data is designed in accordance with GDPR and includes GDPR model clauses.

Form3 build, maintain and continuously improve a security management system and security framework consisting of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that includes alignment to the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF).

With Form3 integration is quick and simple

Form3 has a proven track record of successfully implementing Payments-as-a-Service for major bank and Fintech customers. More than half of all participants that joined the UK Faster Payments scheme in 2019/20 were onboarded with Form3. The nature of our API, our experience and expertise means we can onboard customers very quickly. Our dedicated teams work alongside our customers at every step and develop a collaborative timetable and roadmap to guide you into live service.