Engineering teams

We are firm believers that our teams should have autonomy and ownership of their work, and of the entire platform too. Our teams are responsible for every aspect of the work they are delivering, including testing, deployment and infrastructure. This gives our engineers a wide variety of challenges and growth opportunities.

Our team structure is organised with end-to-end ownership in mind, and each team consists of a mix of engineers and payments experts.


Our markets teams build and run critical payment processing services in the UK, Europe and internationally. We support a wide variety of payment processing schemes such as FPS, BACS, SEPA, SWIFT and more.

Key technologies: Go, Java

Here are some of the exciting things they do:

  • Implement and maintain the payment gateways which link our core platform with all the external payment schemes
  • Wrangle a wide variety of different integration technologies into our secure, resilient, cloud-native platform
  • Build microservices in Go (with the occasional older Java microservice thrown in), running on ECS or Kubernetes
  • Scale processing to millions of payments a day, while exceeding strict performance and reliability benchmarks
  • Work closely with the product and business teams in each market to build complete customer propositions


Our core teams build, run and maintain critical cross-functional capabilities and services on our platform.

Key technologies: Go, Java, Elasticsearch

Here are some of the exciting things they do:

  • Develop and maintain shared functionality on our secure, multi-tenant systems through a mix of Go development and some older java microservices
  • Continuously improve our low-latency, high-throughput distributed payment processing architecture
  • Scale our high-volume transaction processing and storage, to process millions of payments a day across all our different markets
  • Design our core architecture to work across multiple cloud providers, while scaling, and remain secure and resilient
  • Design and build a highly flexible payment workflow engine to allow different types of transaction flows for each individual payment


Our platform teams build, run and maintain the infrastructure behind our cloud native systems. The teams play a crucial role ensuring the reliability and scalability of our entire platform.

Key technologies: Terraform, Kubernetes, CockroachDB, NATS, Cilium, AWS, GCP, Kong, Vault

Here are some of the exciting things they do:

  • Deliver and maintain our highly resilient, highly available, secure cloud infrastructure, networking and platform components
  • Use infrastructure-as-code (Terraform) to automate the build and maintenance of standardised stacks across multiple cloud providers (AWS, GCP, private cloud)
  • Work with Kubernetes and cloud-native data and messaging services such as Cockroach DB, NATS and Cilium to build our next generation platform
  • Design, build and maintain a highly resilient cross-cloud architecture to allow us to run active-active across multiple cloud providers
  • Build and maintain our private cloud stack running Kubernetes in our own data centres, adapting all our cloud-native technologies to this environment
  • Design, build and maintain a platform where any component (from networks, routers, servers, to OS and microservices) can be removed, replaced or upgraded without causing downtime


Internal tools drive the productivity of our entire engineering team, and help us deliver software securely and at speed. Our tooling teams build and maintain our extensive developer tooling ecosystem.

Key technologies: Terraform, Kubernetes, Go, Github, AWS, Grafana, ELK

Here are some of the exciting things they do:

  • Build, deploy and maintain all Form3’s internal tooling using Go, Terraform and various open-source tools
  • Work together with other teams to identify, gather requirements and deliver tools that continually improve our development and delivery processes
  • Continually improve and scale our CI/CD tooling, logs, metrics, alerting and tracing platform, and remote access technologies
  • Work closely with InfoSec to secure all aspects of our internal tooling
  • Have a passion for software development best practice, and understand how tooling can support that


Form3 have an extensive team of defensive and offensive engineering teams that work together with our security officers.
Our security teams work closely together with all our other engineering teams to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of security on our platform.

What being a senior engineer means to us

Form3 senior engineers work on exciting and challenging engineering problems to build and support our high volume payments platform! Our engineers are our greatest asset. We value their expertise and experience and give them ownership, trust and autonomy to make decisions about our architecture and solutions.