Learning & Development

The growth and well being of our engineers is a top priority at Form3. We all learn in different ways though, so we have a very flexible approach to Learning & Development (L&D).

Our approach to oncall

Engineering teams



Udemy for Business: free access to the platform and all courses. The AWS Certification prep courses are particularly popular with our engineers.


Certification reimbursements: upon agreement with their team lead, our engineers are free to expense any certification costs that are beneficial to their roles. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, we encourage our engineers to become AWS certified. Some other certifications our engineers have taken the past are CNCF Kubernetes certifications (CKA/CKAD), Google Cloud certifications and Hashicorp Cloud Engineer certifications


Meetups & conferences: we have sponsored multiple major conferences in the past, such Gophercon UK 2021 and Gophercon Europe 2021. We like to bring our remote team together at these big events, so we have sponsored our engineers tickets. Our team can also attend any other events they wish, as long as they make the required arrangements with their team leads.

Our engineers are not limited to these company wide initiatives!

We encourage everyone to discuss any courses, platforms or conferences they want to take part of to ensure that they have the tools they need to deliver their best work. Then, in agreement with their team leads, our engineers allocate time to conduct their training as part of their workload.