EBAday, 18–19 June 2024

Advancing next generation payments

We are proud to be Corporate sponsors of EBAday this year, joining the ranks of industry innovators coming together for this annual event. You can find us at Stand 18 and chat with our team of experts, who are eager to share insights and reveal how Form3 is shaping the future of payments.

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18 Jun

Panel discussion 13.30PM
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Immersive trends in payment technology

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing are rapidly changing the way PSPs operate. How can PSPs deliver secure and reliable services while offering tailor-made payments to their customers?

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Our team

Matt Tuck
Matt Tuck Chief Commercial Officer
Amanda Howkins Head of Global Sales & Partnerships Function
Thomas Vogt-Skard Enterprise Director at Form3
Erik Alstromer Head of Europe and New Markets
Nathan Sheppard Senior Product Manager
Maureen Verbraeken Global Strategic Partnerships Director
Jon Lloyd Head of Customer Success - Europe

Stay informed

PSD3 and Fintechs: A new chapter and what it means

In June 2023, the European Commission unveiled its strategic blueprint to modernize the Payment Services Directive, heralding the arrival of the third iteration, PSD3, alongside the new Payment Services Regulation (PSR1). This significant evolution is a response to the rapid digitization of payments and the dynamic nature of the European payments market. As the landscape transforms, fintech companies are finding themselves at a crucial juncture where understanding the forthcoming changes, their implications, and effective strategies for adaptation are essential. The preparation for this transformative era in digital finance is not just about compliance; it's about seizing new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Navigating the digital shift

The banking landscape is evolving fast, with a digital shift driven by changing customer expectations. Our whitepaper, in collaboration with Visa, explores how banks can stay relevant, retain customers, speed up market entry, and gain a competitive edge by embracing new technologies and cloud-native solutions. Download now to unlock invaluable insights into technology-centric solutions to meet the demands of the modern economy.

The need for a multi-cloud approach to payments and legislation

In the ever-evolving landscape of banking technology intertwined with stringent regulatory frameworks, financial institutions, find themselves at a crossroads. The imperative to adopt a multi-cloud approach to managing payments and compliance is no longer just a strategic advantage but a necessary evolution. So why is a multi-cloud strategy becoming essential for banks, and how is this being driven by both technological advancements and regulatory demands?

Don't let outdated payment infrastructure hold your organisation back