Webinar Preview: Embracing the Platform Approach in Payments

Webinar· 5min April 24, 2024

Why are leading banks shifting towards a platform-based approach in payment processing? Discover the driving forces behind this transformation and how it could redefine the future of banking in our upcoming webinar, "Rethinking a Platform Approach to Payments," happening on April 30. Register today to secure your spot in this crucial conversation!

Who Will Be Speaking?

Join Rimma Katz, Editor in Chief at Payments Journal, as she leads a panel featuring esteemed experts including Miriam Sheril, Head of Product, US at Form3; Peter Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner at Atlantic Fintech Advisors; and James Wester, Research Director for Technology and Infrastructure at Javelin Strategy.

Why a Platform Approach?

Our panelists will explore the evolution of payment gateways from rigid, mainframe-dependent systems that batch-process transactions to dynamic, flexible platforms capable of real-time payment processing. Learn why banks are frustrated with legacy systems and how a shift to platform-based solutions can alleviate these pain points.

This discussion will look at how cloud computing, APIs, and microservices are revolutionizing payment gateways, allowing banks to swiftly integrate new payment types and offer enhanced services at reduced costs. Expect insights into how these technologies foster a more client-centric service model, adding value at every point of the payment initiation process.

We’ll also touch upon the advantages of a multi-cloud approach, ensuring resilience and continuous service availability for banks aiming to offer round-the-clock customer services.

Hear from James Wester as he shares his perspective on the most significant changes in the payment landscape over the past decade: "We’ve moved from a world where payment types and processing were rigidly defined to one where flexibility reigns supreme. This shift has introduced complexity, but also ushered in a faster, more cost-effective, and open payments ecosystem."

The discussion will also cover how banks can leverage these platform-based approaches to not only streamline payments but also to introduce a variety of value-added services, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. As well as how orchestration within these platforms enables banks to make informed decisions on behalf of their clients, optimizing payment types, timing, pricing, and more — all to meet the nuanced needs of today’s consumers.

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